Library meets the needs of its students, teaching fraternity, academicians and community with a wide range of library services, provided by more than 13000plus volumes of books, documents & about 55-60 periodicals on various subject matters of academics, social and linguistic interests. Around 600-700 users visits library every week and about 500-600books & periodicals been circulated among them. Library has number of collections of great literary legends in Hindi, English and quite a few in Gujarati too. Library is widely used by the students, teachers, and also residents around are welcome in the library for its usage.

Library is working with the school hours on usual school timing from 7:30am to 1:40pm to cater their various requirements on their study part.


Books: 13,000+ (in hand)

Dictionary: Language: 45-50

Subject: 25-30

Encyclopedias: 10-15 (Subject Titles)

Periodicals: 55-60 per month

News Daily: 1 each in Gujarati, Hindi & English


  • Text books for class I-XII (Published by AEES, NCERT & CBSE).
  • Reference books (published by other publishers) based on CBSE curriculum.
  • Stories, fictions & Novels (Hindi, English, Gujarati).
  • Literature (English/Hindi).
  • Essay (English/Hindi).
  • Grammar & Composition (English/Hindi).
  • Reference books for Competitive Exams.
  • Art, Craft & Music.
  • Personality Development.
  • Education & Teaching Methodology.
  • Electronics & Computer Science.
  • Health.
  • General Awareness/Knowledge, Quiz & Puzzles, Science Projects, Year Books, Books on Carrier Guidance etc.


  • Language Dictionaries: English, Hindi & Sanskrit.
  • Subject Dictionaries: Science, Commerce & Social Science stream.
  • Encyclopaedia: General, Science, Art & Craft, Social Science etc.


  • Educational Journals, Journals for Competitive Exams, Children Magazines, News Magazines etc.
  • News Letters, Reports, Souvenirs, Previous Years Exam Papers etc.
  • News Daily: Times of India, Indian Express (English), Rajasthan Patrika (Hindi), Gujarat Samachar (Gujarati).
  • Books Accessioned in Library: 15000+
  • Total Books in Hand: 12,000+
  • Books Condemned: 2,000 (aprox.)
  • Books transferred to Primary Classroom library: 3000+
  • Periodicals: 55
  • News Daily: 3